3 cool reasons for Companies to collaborate with schools

In a rapidly changing environment where uncertainty is high, companies and institutions need to take a step further to focus on the future. A partnership with Schools brings out the best of two worlds by creating some of the best options.

Innovation has never been more important in the knowledge economy as it is now. And, it is no coincidence that there are many examples of innovation developed within the knowledge and sharing ecosystem that combine academic institutions and private companies.

This is why companies are working with schools in order to organize participatory events or product testings. IWD and many other retail companies, are trying to work towards a common goal to develop an ecosystem that combines academic knowledge and professional experience to stimulate thinking around Retail Tech, today and tomorrow.

Let’s have an overview on the advantages of meeting with students:

1. Discovery

You can share your knowledge and expertise with the students. Through interactive workshops, the students discover the tech tools for merchandising and future of retail. Having them test the tools gives them a fresh, lively look. They also often ask very pertinent questions.

2. Sharing

Those meetings are conducive to discuss with the millennials. Schools are not only a cradle of new talent but also serve as a source of inspiration for the Company. So, it is an opportunity for your team to discover new visions through an exchange of viewpoints on retail, and also to reinforce them in their future projects.

3. Co-creation

Pooling resources from each edge allows you to tackle the shared issues. Among the interlocutors, there are certainly some future clients and such enthusiasm brings your company the strength and directions to reinvent itself every day.



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