Written by Alice
on June 26, 2020

The canvas of digital merchandising is expanding its base with the enhanced demand for E-commerce convenience. Mastering the art of digital merchandising is becoming relevant for online retailers to stand out in the crowd and fully embrace the e-commerce potential.

Let’s roll over to some brands that are taking over the road of digital merchandising and see how.

A win-win strategy

Online customer anonymity is one of the biggest barrier faced by retailers. With the wealth of data and numerous filters to gather accurate customer data, brands are moving forward in getting to know their clients well. Understanding the mindset of consumers and providing them with the best option with a surprise element is vital for merchandising strategy in the world of instant shopping. In addition, it allows the brand to refine its strategy in product recommendations. Thus, by acknowledging the need for a win-win strategy, clients and brands are working parallel by exchanging data and recommendations to have better experience.


Photo: Clinique

In beauty sphere, the huge intensity of personalisation demand led to the development of various strategies that helped brands in attracting and knowing their clients.

Custom-fit solutions are definitely taking up the pace in retail world. Clinique is doing it through its blog “The Wink”. The brand recommends the best products to its clients depending on their skin care needs and gathers the customer data at the same time. This collected data helps the brand to strategize its merchandising techniques more efficiently that in turn, illustrates digital merchandising as a tool that could be used to gather customer data. Hence, the more accurately you know your client, the more you make your bond strong with client and...

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