19 Jun 2020

Blurring the lines between food & beauty

Are you already getting blown away by “experiential retailing” or taki...

By _Diana
12 Jun 2020
Product Update | 3 min read

Summer merchandising

The weather is getting warmer, skies are getting brighter, sun is shin...

By _Diana
15 May 2020
News | 6 min read

Merchandising evolution with social media

Social media, a word that we often use these days, is the reality plat...

By _Diana
07 Apr 2020

Improve Your In-Store Sales with Visual Merchandising

As you (and we!) know, a successful visual merchandising strategy help...

By _Diana
25 Feb 2020
| 1 min read

New Definition of Luxury for millennials

Millennials are becoming the most valuable luxury consumer segment. To...

By _Diana
13 Feb 2020

Retail Experience Vs Relationship

What do my customers want? The savviest retailers have always been ask...

By _Diana
11 Feb 2020

Effective Visual Retailing tips

Visual merchandiser has a key role within a brand as it is a guarantor...

By _Diana