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30 Jun 2020
Retail Trends | 3 min read

Our Work From Home best practices

With the coronavirus epidemic, governments are encouraging businesses ...

19 Jun 2020

Blurring the lines between food & beauty

Are you already getting blown away by “experiential retailing” or taki...

14 Jun 2020
Retail Trends | 2 min read

Video Live Shopping Experience

The Parisian department store Galeries Lafayette has been testing a vi...

12 Jun 2020
Merchandising Tips | 3 min read

Summer merchandising Tips

The weather is getting warmer, skies are getting brighter, sun is shin...

09 Jun 2020
| 1 min read

How planograms can help visual merchandisers save 70% of time?

Digitising your merchandising execution is not an option anymore. You ...

15 May 2020
Retail Trends | 6 min read

Merchandising evolution with social media

Social media, a word that we often use these days, is the reality plat...

25 Feb 2020
| 1 min read

New Definition of Luxury for millennials

Millennials are becoming the most valuable luxury consumer segment. To...

13 Feb 2020

Retail Experience Vs Relationship

What do my customers want? The savviest retailers have always been ask...

11 Feb 2020

Effective Visual Merchandising tips

Visual merchandiser has a key role within a brand as it is a guarantor...