Blurring the lines between food & beauty

Are you already getting blown away by “experiential retailing” or taking your time to sink in with the new amalgamation of food and beauty industry? This exciting phenomenon where food merges with beauty excites us a lot. Being a beauty enthusiast and food lover, what else could we demand? This new trajectory where lines are getting blurred between the two sectors is nonetheless a movement, a new trend, a new direction to experiential retail and a new formula to reach the demanding consumer.

There is no doubt that the demand for an enhanced retail experience has driven brands to reinvent not only their in-store models but also work on their product offerings. This evolution of store formats and new product propositions has now entered the DNA of the client experience. It is the time to chase some food for your skin and take the pleasure in full swing.

Fried chicken and lipstick typically don’t travel in the same shopping bag, right? Here, we have some food for thought: the much loved millennial brand Glossier teamed up with Rhea’s Cafe in San Francisco to display beauty and food together on same retail shelves. Are you guys up for grabs at this millennial pink cafe?

IWD- Food & beauty- Glossier & Rhea's Cafe

IWD- Food & beauty- Glossier & Rhea's Cafe

Photo: Eater

This is the creative approach of bringing the beauty and food lovers together to check new product propositions. The artful arrangement of Glossier products harmoniously blends with the cafe’s decor and enhances the shop-and-dine experience. This raises a question: Is beauty ringing in the different perspective to retail? Indeed, yes! Such amalgamations to bring the socially like-minded millennials together open a dialogue of interaction in physical space instead of the digital one. Beauty retail can be a place to chill and hangout too.

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