Written by Caroline
on June 09, 2020

Digitising your merchandising execution is not an option anymore. You need to be able to create, implement and adapt your merchandising strategy in no time.

This will allow you to be fast and it will also enable you to save valuable time to do your real job: create, imagine a new retail experience.

When we start projects with clients we have four main pain points creating and sharing their Merchandising campaign:

1. Many organisation are using different tools and processes between markets: Adobe Illustrator, Powerpoint, Excel, shoot in physic mock-shop...

2. They meet difficulties manage product catalogue: collecting and analysing data take them a lot of time. 

3. Guideline creation is too long and complicated to adapt to specific market while today business need to run with a very short time to market.

... Watch the Digital Conference 👇🏼

Digital conference


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