Summer merchandising Tips

The weather is getting warmer, skies are getting brighter, sun is shining more sunnier and season’s colors are becoming more exciting. With various colorful changes around us, it’s time to start thinking about how to bring the exhilarating vibes of summer into the store. As much as customers like to spend time outside under the fresh sun, they also like to buy the summer essentials. But, how can you ensure that your summer merchandising is enticing them not only to enter the store but also to make the purchase? Take every opportunity to give your customers the best of summer vibe in your store.

1. Play with vibrant colors


Photo: Louis Vuitton

As summer is all about feeling fun and vibrant, the color combination used for the display should reflect the theme of summer and must lift up the mood of the customers walking into the store. Making the right use of colors will provide the sense of freshness to the customers and fulfilled the basic idea of your merchandising display. You can use vibrant and vivid colors to support your summer theme and attract the customers.

2. Get creative with your display ideas


Photo: Pinterest

Creativity is the best formulation for an eye-catching merchandise display. You can have an interesting and creative summer themed display to reflect the essence of the season. Tommy Hilfiger did its best for its SS 18 collection by displaying its chinos from the ceiling and hence complimented the color scheme for the season. This made the display not only attractive but also managed to bring the attention of the clients with its personalization concept.

3. Pep-up your merchandise mix


Photo: Vogue

Providing the right cross-merchandise is essential according to the season. For summer, pep-up your merchandise collection with the other necessary accessories such as sunglasses and hats that are one the essential items for the season. Appropriate merchandise-mix acts as a stimulant to ignite the need of the additional products and hence could boost the sales.

4. Maintain the cool factor in ambianceIWD- SUMMER MERCHANDISING 4

Photo: Retail Focus / SunnyLife-John Lewis

While you want to focus on how your store looks, you also need to pay attention on how your store feels this summer. As temperature climbs outside, make sure your store is breezy and cool. The customers entering the enter must get the cool and fresh ambiance to get the essence of the season. Make them feel vibrant and immerse them into your theme with the entire look and feel of the store.

Beat the heat with your captivatingly fresh merchandising concepts. Make sure you are following the theme accurately by maintaining the visual appeal of the store. Your whimsical store design perfectly blended with the right merchandising display will not only bring the footfall in the store but also will allow the clients to spend more time inside the store.

Photo: WindowsWear-Michael Kors

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