02 Dec 2020
Brand Experience | 5 min read

Retail & Digital: we are stronger together

In the midst of this very particular holiday season, the current globa...

18 Nov 2020

Papercraft Artists: A World Tour

Folded, incised with a scalpel, serrated with a laser: more and more V...

04 Nov 2020
Brand Experience | 4 min read

How Petit Bateau uses digital simulations to optimize its in-store merchandising strategy

Two years ago marks the start of the Petit Bateau and IWD collaboratio...

28 Oct 2020
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4 benefits of using online surveys for retailers

Retailers use mobile applications to improve the coordination between ...

30 Sep 2020

Retail in APAC: A path to recovery

The health crisis has shaken nearly every aspect of the retail industr...

23 Sep 2020
Brand Experience | 3 min read

Springtime Merchandising Tips

The birds are starting to chirp, the snow is melting and the sun is sh...

16 Sep 2020
Brand Experience | 21 min read

Thinking Merchandising before Purchasing

We talk a lot about operational visual merchandising and the miracles ...

02 Sep 2020

This is Brand Culture

Have you recently visited the Atlantis shopping centers in Nantes, Eur...

06 Aug 2020

Beauty digital inventions

In the past few years, we as consumers have witnessed various developm...

21 Jul 2020

Visual Merchandisers: The Essential Worker for Brick and Mortar Retail Stores

Now that the nation begins to allow retail stores to reopen after near...