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With no absolute rules, visual merchandising emerges as a blank canvas that could be filled with your creativity, but with the ultimate goal of aesthetically pleasing and increasing the sales. So much have been already written and spoken about the advantages of effective visual merchandising, but with our series of merch tips, we provide you the useful insights that could be helpful in your merchandising strategy.

How can retailers go and look beyond product displays and score some visual merchandising ideas that will pack a punch with sales coming in? Communicating an immediate association or emotion through interactive merchandising can bring loads of footfall in the store. Get started, now!

Brands are exploring numerous technologies not only to provide the best of interactive experience but also to please the smart generation of millennials who capitalize on saving the time while shopping. As beauty is catching the pace in terms of business, it is also capitalizing on augmented reality to draw customers in.

MAC Cosmetics new beauty mirror give users the opportunity to try on different makeup looks in real-time that realistically simulates the desired look in a split second. It not only helps the customer in achieving the best look but also guide them during the product selection procedure. Such techniques engage the client in the store by creating a shopping narrative with interactive displays tailored to enhance the product.

Virtual Try On by MAC Cosmetics not only increase the chances of a sale by helping the clients to explore the outcome of beauty products but also provides them the sense of satisfaction with their purchase. What else do retailers want? A satisfied customer walking back home. Well, this fits the criteria and provides the room for more interactions, purchases and good customer feedback on products.

Play and stay


Photo: Daily Hive

The term “interactive” gives us a glimpse of technology at first thought, but it can be used in visual merchandising without technology also. Capturing the attention of potential customers is a paramount and first objective of merchandising. Therefore, the fundamental notion of retail and merchandising is changing and shifting the focus on providing the best of retail space filled with newness and recreation.

IKEA Canada brought fun in form of IKEA Play Café, a pop-up shop, in Toronto. The homeware store turned a space in downtown into a place to play, shop and eat. It encouraged people to play together and challenge their taste buds. Among various activities, IKEA Kitchen dance became the highlight that invited people to compete against each other in a kitchen dance party and a giant pinball machine with baking items. It emerged as a fun, interactive and engaging space to say hi! to your taste buds and have fun at the same time.

Excite senses

IWD-Interactive-Merchandising-3Photo: Pinterest

When was the last time you were pleasantly moved by the visual merchandising of the store and established a trace in your mind? Were you impressed with the store’s playlist of music, its color scheme, its displays or even by a specific scent? We remember 1 percent of what we touch, 2 percent of what we hear, 5 percent of what we see and 15 percent of what we taste, but 35 percent of what we smell stays with us. Therefore, capitalize on the opportunity to engage with all the senses by keeping this in mind!

Hearing – Music affects how customers interact in a store. Playing the right playlist in your store can help you to connect with your target audience easily. Same music taste can create wonders and generate a sense of belongingness and community.

Sight – Visual cues (lighting, color, balance) helps in directing the client’s attention to specific products and displays. The right use of lighting puts focus on the product and enhances its look and feel at the same time. Also, the right use of colors bring out the best display arrangements.

Touch – It has become important for today’s quality focussed consumer that wants to feel the touch of the product before purchasing. Hence, by following the merch golden rule, priority product should be placed at hand level.

Smell – By playing right cards of smell, retailers can strongly associate with memory and connect with shoppers on an emotional and personal level. Also, the scent has the strongest impact when it comes to enhancing a consumer behavior.

Have you noticed that Lush brings up the distinct fragrance in their stores? The strategy to display the products without packaging engages the client’s senses at a deeper level and leaves a trace of the product in their minds.


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