Written by Angélique Scherer
on August 23, 2020

Visual merchandising is a marketing effort which aims to simultaneously put forward the benefits of each products, create a memorable customer experience, and showcase the brand in a unique way. It is based on the branding strategy as well as the analysis of customers' in-store behavior. The goal is to have visual cues that can be quantified, analyzed, and optimized such as product turnover, customer spending per visit, profitability, etc. Visually, a product in its store environment should activate a customer's imagination and trigger an emotion. The Visual Merchandiser's role is to put the product and all its benefits forward while telling the brand's story.

There are 4 pillars to Visual Merchandising:


Define store capacity. The customer buys more if the offer is clear and products are available.

How An Australian Hairdresser Built An Empire Out Of Status Hand Wash



Create a unique and unforgettable customer experience. A customer who loves is a customer who buys. Create an emotion by putting forth unique store or brand attributes and inspiring experiences.




Explain unique product features, problems it solves and benefits it brings to the consumer. They can be subtly or obviously communicated. The important part is that the explanation is clear and leads (hopefully) to a purchase. 

UNIQLO,London,UK, "How many Polo shirts do I need?', (Truth is,you ...



The consumer must circulate in a space of freedom and comfort.



Angelique Scherer is Consultant and Trainer in Visual Merchandising. 


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